These are 2 islands in the central part of the Philippines, which is called Visayas. Panglao in particular is one of the most beautiful of the 7,107 islands in the country. Tourist-oriented with splendid vegetation and a paradise for marine-life explorers. With a high concentration of multicolored corals, it has become a centre of world depth visits. Of the 500 valued species, 488 are believed to be present in the Philippines.

Colors, limpid waters and intense green vegetation, cordiality and hospitality of the people all add up to make your stay worthwhile.

Visaya is the local dialect but English is widely spoken. There are 70 dialects of which Tagalog is the most diffused. Visayan is one of the top ten dialects.

Hospitality and cordiality are the reasons why you can see smiles on the faces of virtually all the locals, giving you the certainty that boredom and depression are simply not in their way of life.