The Bohol Sea is said to be a breeding ground of these mysterious but beautiful creatures. The island in previous times, served as a watch station against the intrusion of pirates and enemies of the Spanish colony as evidenced by the 200-year-old Spanish fort on the northeast side of the island.

Today, 250 families live in the island. The people used to hunt dolphins, whales, whale sharks and manta rays but these animals are now fully protected by law in the Philippines. The attractions on the island that may catch your interest is the ancient Spanish fort, the Santa Cruz at the chapel's altar, the life within the marine sanctuary and the white beaches around the island. Pamilacan is a coral island and fossilised seashells can be seen on the island's rocky hill.

At present, the jaws and bones of marine mammals and whale sharks still adorn a number of homes of the village. The blue waters surrounding the island teem with lush and colorful marine life.